Kwintelooijen is enclosed by three private estates: Prattenburg the Dikkenberg and Remmerstein. adjoining the city forests of rhenen and the Plantage Willem III, of the Utrecht Landscape Foundation. rhe whole area stretches from the northern bank of the Rhine until the Gelderse vallei.

notable is the big difference in height of fifty meters at kwintelooijen. through marked hiking routes you can reach to the highest point of the terrain, which offers stunning views over the Gelderse Vallei. 

This former sand quarry is partially equipped for recreation. The visitor find here a tent /caravan area, a playground, restroom building, picnic tables and parking places. On sunny days there is a mobile snack car available. 


This day recreation area is open from sunrise to sunset. The surrounding woods and estates owned by diverse landowners. That is why some parts are not open to hikers, in connection with the privacy of the people that live there or because of interests of the nature. Dogs must be leashed.