The top 10 of Rhenen

Welcome to Rhenen!

Is this your first time in Rhenen? Or have you been here before? Discover the best of Rhenen and get inspired for the best day out!

1. Relive the history of war
Discover the traces of the battle for the southernmost part of the Grebbe Line in the May days of 1940 and visit the military field of honour on the Grebbeberg.

2. Nose to nose with the giant pandas
Meet Wu Weng and Xing Ya, the only two giant pandas in the Netherlands and go on a journey of discovery in Ouwehands Zoo. You can buy the entrance tickets at the reception with a nice discount.

3. The legend of Cunera
Rhenen was a popular place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. The legendary patron saint 
Saint Cunera is still commemorated every year. On the 2nd Saturday of June during Cunera Day there is a party for young and old.

4. Discover the history
In the May days of 1940 Rhenen was totally destroyed. A lot of hard work went into
to repair the damage. However, during the liberation the city was under fire again. The inner city, built after the war, is one of the 30 reconstruction areas and of national importance.
TIP: Under the guidance of an experienced guide you can make a tour or climb the Cunera tower. Bookable through the tourist office.

5. Enjoy spectacular views
The various height differences in Rhenen guarantee breathtaking views, such as at recreation area Kwintelooijen (5a) and the Grebbeberg at the height of the Koningskamer (5b).
TIP: for the best walking routes, go to WANDELEN.OPDEHEUVELRUG.NL

6. Rhenen is the southern gateway to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park:
100 square kilometers of forest, heath and sand drifts. Special nature can be found
a.o. at nature reserve de Blauwe kamer Plantage Willem III (6a). NATIONALPARK.OPDEHEUVELRUG.NL
TIP: Enjoy nature from the water and book a river excursion with the Blue Beaver Safari Ship. Reserve your seats via DEBLAUWEBEVER.NL

7. Sniffing out culture
In addition to changing exhibitions, the City Museum of Rhenen provides a picture of the
rich history of the city of Rhenen. Combine this with a Cultural Saturday, usually on the second Saturday of the month, where you can visit various studios and exhibitions. WWW.CULTUUINRHENEN.NL

8. Cozy shopping
Stroll along centuries-old city walls, alleyways and picturesque corners and step
step inside one of the lovely stores in the historic city center.
TIP: In the Herenstraat, Frederik van de Paltshof and Molenstraat the best shops can be found.
the best stores can be found. Every Thursday there is a market.

9. Taste Rhenen
From cosy bubbles to extensive dining, in Rhenen you'll find plenty of culinary delights.
in the culinary field. There are dozens of restaurants for gourmets and bon vivants. Savour the flavour of Rhenen in the lively town centre or on a waterside terrace.
The best tips for a good address are given on the street by the locals, or ask at reception!

10. Cycling
Rhenen is ideal for exploring by bicycle and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
surroundings. The Toeristisch Overstap Punt (TOP) is an excellent starting point. At the reception we have various cycling routes available for you.